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Come and join the Beer Revolution and Experience a whole new way of Drinking Beer! close

Welcome to Craft Beer Distributors Puerto Rico!

Come and join the Beer Revolution and Experience a whole new way of Drinking Beer!

Craft Beer Distributors of Puerto Rico is the only dedicated and specialized craft beer distributor in Puerto Rico. Our team lives and breathes craft beer and our mission is to supply Puerto Rico’s beer enthusiasts with the world’s best handcrafted beers. The beers  we sell are alive and not pasteurized. This is key to protecting the flavors and aromas of these beautiful beers. Our warehouse and supply chain are fully refrigerated in order to ensure that the beer you drink tastes as good as the day it was made.

What’s New?

PR Craft Beer Week

Save the date because this year we will make history in Puerto Rico!


Starting the week of April 21 we will hold a series of events around the island including Tasting Dinners with some of our Beer Makers, Tasting Sessions with Breweries Owners and many other surprises. The PR Craft Beer Week will be leading up the PR Craft Beer Fest on Saturday, April 27 and this year will be even bigger than last

Shelf Strips

Starting this month your decision making process will be faster while at the supermarket and choosing your Craft Beer.

New Arrivals

We proudly present the beers of Founders Brewing Company. Founders is recognized as one of the world’s best breweries (Rated #2 in the world by Rate Beer) and after a lot of effort it arrives in Puerto Rico. Enjoy!